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Current as of August 2001


1983 - 2001    Lact-Aid International, Inc. Executive Director, and Vice-President.  Athens, TN Exclusive manufacturer of Lact Aid Nursing Trainer System, a patented product for breastfeeding in special situations. As of 1983, the firm was established as a Tennessee Corporation, and serves as world headquarters. https://www.lact-aid.com
1997 - 2001    Avery Consulting Services. Co-Owner  with John R. Avery.  
•    Manufacturing Consulting: product design, development, manufacturing prototypes, research for industry related to products fabricated of vinyl, urethane and other plastics with emphasis on dielectric sealing methods.
•    Research, technical writing, editorial and graphics services, marketing consulting.
1971 - 1983    J. J. Avery, Inc., Lact-Aid Division. Vice-President   Denver, CO.
A firm specializing in product design, development and manufacturing of products in vinyl and other plastics by means of dielectric sealing. (Lact-Aid Div. was retained and reformed as Lact-Aid International, Inc.,  when parent firm, J. J. Avery, Inc., merged with Plastic Industries, Inc. of Athens, Tennessee.)
1982 to 1989    Avery Communication Resources. Owner  Sole proprietorship firm providing consultation, technical writing, editorial services, graphic design, marketing, to professionals, businesses and organizations.
1975 to 1979    Keeping Abreast Journal of Human Nurturing.  Founder, Editor & Publisher, , a quarterly, interdisciplinary medical journal which focused upon human lactation, infant nutrition, and related maternal/child/family health subjects.
1979 to 1981    Resources in Human Nurturing International, CEO, Executive Director.  Denver, Colorado.  Founded an interdisciplinary non profit membership organization dedicated to advocacy of breastfeeding and promotion of family centered health care. Disseminated educational literature, sponsored continuing education programs on maternal/child health topics. Developed and presented continuing education programs, with supporting training manuals and advertising/public relations materials.  Assisted in developing continuing education courses for universities and federal/state health agencies.
1980 - 1982    Lactation Consultant Certification Program. Executive Director. Denver, Colorado. Resources in Human Nurturing International, on behalf of Lact-Aid International, Inc., created and administered the first nationwide lactation consultant certifying program in the United States. Trainees were certified as Lact-Aid Certified Lactation Consultants.
•    Many of the LACLC participants subsequently helped facilitate the establishment of the International Lactation Consultant Association. ILCA.
1977 - 1978    The Denver Birth Center Founding Director .  Denver, Colorado. Helped facilitate passage of legislation allowing the practice of Certified Nurse Midwifery in the State of Colorado. Established with other founding directors, the first, free-standing family-centered birthing center in Colorado.
1973 - 1979    La Leche League Medical Speakers Committee.  Member. Denver, Colorado.  Created and facilitated continuing educational offerings, in-service programs and training to the medical profession on behalf of La Leche League of Colorado, Montana, Wyoming.
1974 - 1976    La Leche League Relactation and Milk Donations Committee. Faculty. Denver, Colorado.  Helped create the first program for training  "specialized" La Leche League Leaders for managing extraordinary breastfeeding situations, beyond the scope of ordinary peer counseling of regular LLLI leaders.  This represents the beginning of the new specialty of Certified Lactation Consulting.    

Consulting services have included technical/editorial assistance in developing course curricula, teaching materials, manuscript review, editing, writing, research, expert opinions for legal issues, protocol evaluation and development, product design, development and evaluation, market research.

1997     Folio One Communications.  Editorial Reviewer. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Re: Breastfeeding Your Baby. Pre-publication editorial review of booklet to be published by Gerber, Inc.
1998    Folio One Communications.  Expert Review Panel Member.  Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Re:  Providing Support for Nursing Mothers, Chapter 3. In Current Practices in infant Feeding. Fremont Michigan. Gerber Products Co., Medical Services Division. 1999.
1997 to present.    Lact-Aid WWW Services.  As a division of Lact-Aid International, Inc., provided consulting, plus web site design and maintenance services to assist businesses in establishing an internet presence. Client base included manufacturers of products for sports medicine, physical therapy, outdoor sports, as well as firms in product retail and banking.  (Sealtech, PI Medical, PI Outdoors, Mirrorcraft, Back-N-Balance, Bank of Athens)
1997    PI, Inc. Corporate Internet Committee.  Member.  Provided internet marketing research,  demographics, web site design, focus group meetings, web site management. Athens TN
1983 to Present    Neonatal Nursing Education Foundation, Denver, Colorado, which presents annual nurse-orientation  and continuing education programs, workshops, and seminars for NICU nursing care personnel, particularly "Neonatal Nursing Course for Level I and II Nursery Nurses".
1983 to present    Professional Outreach Consulting, Inc. Denver, Colorado. Technical support, literature review, manuscript review and critiques.
1986    Tennessee State Department of Health, Nashville, Tennessee. Reviewed draft text of breastfeeding support manual being developed for use by public health clinics throughout state.
1986    McMinn County Health Department, and WIC Program. Athens, Tennessee.  Helped develop and implement B.A.B.E.S., a breastfeeding support program involving classes, plus a curricula for training peer breastfeeding counselors.  Review of current literature, writing, consulting, training, evaluation, and presentation of program evaluation to state health department.
1986    McMinn County Health Department, WIC, and McMinn County public schools. Development of a course directed to high school "Family Life' classes. Consulting, curricula design, teaching materials design, and presentation.
1977    University of Colorado School of Medicine and School of Nursing, "Breastfeeding Counselor Course". Helped  develop and implement a 12 week breastfeeding education course for health care providers, to be video taped for ongoing teaching use. (Assisted in development of program format, course curricula,  selection of speakers, and served as a faculty member. 
1979    Perinatal Awareness Council, Inc. Provided expert opinion statement concerning a proposed protocol for a newly established birthing facility, calling for routine supplementation of water in hospital, or at home, for the healthy breastfed infant.  Services: current survey of literature, review and critique of proposed protocol, meetings, discussion, and preparation of report with references.
1976 - 1983    Colorado Perinatal Care Council. Denver, Colorado. Provided input, protocol evaluation, expert opinion on issues.
1970    Rene Spitz, MD, Robert Emde, MD, and Marshall Klaus, MD, Denver, Colorado. Meetings, video taped conference, and consultation regarding maternal infant bonding among women breastfeeding adopted infants, and pilot study by JL Avery on breastfeeding success factors in relactation/induced lactation.


1961    Graduated Merritt Hutton High School, Thornton, Colorado
1961 1962    University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado Fine Arts Major, Psychology Minor
1962 1963    University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona Fine Arts Major, Biology Minor
1963    University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado Art Education Major
1964 1965    Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri Painting Major, Printmaking Minor
1967 1968    University of Denver, Denver, Colorado Fine Arts: Painting Major, Printmaking Minor
1968    Dale Carnagie Human Relations and Public Speaking.Program, Denver, Colorado
1971 1974    Independent Study of non puerperal/induced lactation and relactation to develop counseling and management techniques and educational materials for same, plus co development and research testing of Lact Aid Nursing Supplementer; peer breastfeeding counselor
1972, Jun    Seventh Biennial Convention of the International Childbirth Education Association (I.C.E.A.), Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1973    Training and qualification as a Leader and Representative of La Leche League, International. Campione, Italy
1973, Sep    Symposium "Milk and Lactation", Second Plenary Session of The International Organization for the Study of Human Development
1976, Mar    "Normal Course and Management of Breastfeeding" La Leche League Physicians' Seminar, San Francisco
1976, June    Ninth Biennial Convention of I.C.E.A., Seattle, Washington
1976, Aug    "Parent/Infant Interaction", Children's Hospital Annual Parenting Conference, Department of Continuing Education, Children's Hospital of Denver, at Keystone, Colorado
1976, Oct    National Symposium on Human Lactation, Sponsored by National Foundation March of Dimes, Washington, D.C.
1977, Jan    73rd American Medical Association Congress on Medical Education, Chicago, Illinois
1977, Mar    Second National NAPSAC Conference, "Twentieth Century Obstetrics Now", National Association of Parents and Professionals for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth, Chicago, Illinois
1977, July    "Normal Course and Management of Breastfeeding", First Canadian Physicians' Seminar, La Leche League, International, Toronto, Canada
1977, Aug    "Dysparenting", Second Annual Children's Hospital Parenting Conference, Children's Hospital of Denver, Department of Continuing Education, at Keystone, Colorado
1977, Oct    "Planning, Developing and Implementing Seminars, Conferences and Conventions", Institute of Business & Technology of Washington, D.C., at Denver, Colorado
1977, Dec    "Legislative Issues in Maternal/Child Health", Children's Hospital, Denver, Colorado
1978. Apr    "Managing People," Fred Pryor Seminars, Inc., Denver, Colorado
1978, Apr    "How to Get More Grants: A Systems Approach to Grantsmanship", Institute for Fund Raising, sponsored by Center for Management and Technical Programs, Univ. Colorado, Boulder.
1978, May    "Compulsory Hospitalization or Freedom of Choice in Childbirth?" National Association of Parents and Professionals for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth, Atlanta, Georgia
1978, Sep    "Nutrition for the High Risk Infant", presented by the University Extension & School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, at Denver, Colorado
1979, Jul    "Breastfeeding: The International Language of Love", 7th International Conference of La Leche League International, Atlanta, Georgia
1979, Oct    "Women at Work", Fred Pryor Seminars, Inc. at Denver, Colorado
1979, Nov    "Bookkeeping for Non Profits", Institute for Fund Raising, Sponsored by Center for Management and Technical Programs, University of Colorado
1980, Mar    "Women and Power", A Conference on economic, political, professional and personal power. Presented by Colorado WOMAN Magazine. Denver, Colorado.
1980, Dec    "Export Documentation Seminar", sponsored by EDIT, Educational Development for International Trade. Denver, C0.
1981, Jul    "Breastfeeding, Theory Applied:, Ninth Annual Seminar on Breastfeeding for Physicians, sponsored by La Leche League     International, Chicago, IL.
1981, Oct    "Managing Stress & Change", Sponsored by Fred Pryor Seminars, Inc., Denver, C0.
1983, Jun    "Implementing Successful Breastfeeding Programs," sponsored by Health Education Associates, Inc., Denver, C0.
1983, Jul    "Breastfeeding: An International Priority", Eleventh Annual Seminar for Physicians, sponsored by La Leche League International, at Kansas City, Missouri.


1972, Jun    "Breastfeeding the adopted infant", Speech presented at La Leche League of Oklahoma State Convention, Norman, Oklahoma
 1972, Oct    "Induced lactation: counseling and management", Speech for La Leche League of Colorado, Montana and Wyoming Tri-State Convention, Colorado Springs
1973, Apr    "Induced lactation/relactation in breastfeeding high-risk infants, untimely weaned infants and adopted infants", Workshop, International Childbirth Education Association Southern Regional Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1973, Nov    "Induced lactation/relactation in the management of high-risk or premature infants", Panel for medical professionals, La Leche League of Oklahoma State Conference, Norman, Oklahoma
1973, Nov    "Practical applications of the Lact Aid Nursing Supplementer in the management of breastfeeding problems", Annual Fall Leaders' Workshop, La Leche League of Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Denver, Colorado
1973-1977    "Importance of breastfeeding support and La Leche League as a community resource for hospital staff", An in service program presented to Denver/Metropolitan area hospitals on request to La Leche League as function of LLL Medical Speakers' Committee 
1974, Mar    "Relactation Workshop", Denver/Metro La Leche League Spring Workshop, Denver
1974, May    "Induced lactation as a valid approach to management of milk intolerance, untimely weaning and nursing adopted infants", Workshop presented at the 8th Biennial National Convention of I.C.E.A., St. Petersburg, Florida
1974, Jul    "Induced Lactation", Paper presented at La Leche League International Second Annual Physicians' Seminar, Chicago, Illinois (Accredited by AMA & AAFP)
1974, July    "The myths of induced lactation: Results of a study and subsequent counseling and management", Speech,     presented at the Fifth National La Leche League International Convention, Chicago, Illinois
1974-1977    "The nurse's role in breastfeeding education and support", Lecture presented at annual city-wide orientations sponsored jointly by Colorado University School of Nursing, Department of Continuing Education and area hospitals, Denver, Colorado
1976-1978    "The nurse's role in breastfeeding success", Workshop presented as guest faculty lecturer for Maternal/Child Nursing - Women's Health Care Nurse/Practitioner Program, University of Colorado School of Nursing, Department of Continuing Education
1976,    "Breastfeeding support in unusual situations", Guest Faculty Lecture, Porter Hospital LPN Program, Denver, Colorado
1976, Mar    "Relactation counseling techniques and liaison between LLL leaders outside Colorado with the Relactation Committee of Denver", Workshop for Western States leaders and officers of La Leche League, San Francisco
1977, Jan    "Breastfeeding the premature or sick infant; practical nursing intervention required for maternal support", Guest faculty lecture presented as part of Perinatal High-Risk Course, University of Colorado School of Nursing, Department of Continuing Education, Denver
1977, Feb    "Breastfeeding the premature and high risk newborn", Guest faculty lecture presented for Family Centered High Risk Care course, University of Colorado,     School of Nursing, Department of Continuing Education, Denver, Colorado
1977, Mar    "Prenatal breastfeeding education and postpartum support", Guest faculty lecture, Practical Nursing Course, University of Colorado, School of Nursing, Continuing Education Department, Denver, Colorado
1977, Jul    "Relactation, how, when and why: focus on maternal education and support", Sixth International Conference of La Leche League International, Toronto, Canada
1977, Jul    "Breastfeeding the adopted infant: implications for mother/infant bonding", Sixth International Conference of LLLI, Toronto, Canada
1977, Sep    "Breastfeeding the premature and high risk infant", City-wide High-Risk Infant Care Orientation, University of Colorado School of Nursing and area hospitals, cosponsors, Denver, Colorado presented at General Rose Hospital, Denver.
1977, Sep    "Importance of maternal support and liaison with community based support groups", La Leche League of Colorado Physicians' Seminar, cosponsored by March of Dimes Denver, Colorado
1978, Apr    "The importance of education and support for breastfeeding success and the role of the hospital staff," Continuing Education Lecture, Women's Health Care students of University of Colorado Graduate School of Nursing, Denver, Colorado
1978, Apr     "Practical Applications of the Lact Aid Nursing Supplementer in the Management of Breastfeeding in Special Situations," Workshop presented for Health Professionals at Breastfeeding Seminar, Los Angeles, California
1978, May    "Idea to Reality: Publishing a Journal," Lecture presented to Writers' Guild of Colorado, Denver, Colorado 
1978, Nov    "Fundamentals of Breastfeeding Education and Support'.', A full day seminar presented as RHNI Breastfeeding Seminar Series #l To be repeated in several locations in 1979 (Denver, Los Angeles, Orlando, Cleveland, San Francisco) Course developed by Avery, as well as curriculum manual and the full day lecture program.
1978    "Developing and Implementing Effective Breastfeeding Support Programs", RHNI Breastfeeding Seminar #2, in the same program listed above.
1978 Nov    "Breastfeeding the High Risk Infant", RHNI Breastfeeding Seminar #3 Same as above.
1979 Apr    "Methods and Applications of Relactation/Induced Lactation," RHNI Breastfeeding Seminar #4. Same program as above.
1979, Aug    "Developing and Implementing Effective Breastfeeding Support Programs", 2 day conference, sponsored jointly by, Resources in Human Nurturing International, Division of Maternal/Child Health of the North Dakota State Department of Health, and the Mandan Nutrition Council. Bismarck, North Dakota.
1979, Sep    "Counseling the Mother on Breastfeeding", 11th Ross Roundtable on Critical Approaches to Common Pediatric Problems, in Collaboration with the Ambulatory Pediatric Association, Chicago, IL
1982    Breastfeeding Workshop Series, sponsored by Resources in Human Nurturing, International, Denver, Colorado. These were 5 hour short workshops for health professionals.   Topics:     1. Basic Preparation & Education for Breastfeeding  2. Essential Support Skills & Resources (Early Postpartum)     3. Developing & Implementing Effective Support Programs  4. Breastfeeding the Nigh Risk Infant  5. Relactation & Induced Lactation  6. Lactation "Grand Rounds" Case studies.
1982 to 1983    "Breastfeeding", Section of Neonatal Nursing Course for Level I & Level III Nursery Nurses. Sponsored try Neonatal Nursing Education Foundation. Denver, Colorado
1983, "May    "Relactation and Induced Lactation", La Leche League of Colorado Area Conference, Denver, Colorado
1983, Sep    "Helping Adoptive Mothers", and "Nursing the Adopted Infant", La Leche League of Washington State Area Conference, Cheney, WA.
1984, Jun    "Parous and Non-Parous Lactation", MATERNAL ISSUES, sponsored
    by Childbirth Education League, Monterey Peninsula California.
1984, Jun    "How to help women relactate/induce lactation" for La Leche League Leaders & Applicants; and "Adoptive Nursing" general session, at La Leche League of Oregon State Area Conference, Eugene, OR.
1985, Oct     "Developing a Community Based Breastfeeding Support Program" Presentation for BREAST FEEDING IN SERVICE, BE. Region of Tennessee Department of Health, Chattanooga, Tenn.
1985 86    Lactation Consultant and Guest Faculty for B.A.B.E.S., "Basics About Breastfeeding Education & Support" Program, co developed with the McMinn County, Tennessee Health Department as a pilot project for the state of Tennessee.
1986, Sep    "Implementing a Breastfeeding Support Program Within a County" a follow up report on the McMinn County B.A.B.E.S. Program. Presented for Southeast Region of the Tennessee State Department of Health.



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Avery, JL:     Women Only column overlooks research on adoptive nursing.     The Denver Post January 1979

•    Implemented web marketing projects for Lact-Aid, including web site design and maintenance, adapting literature to web format.
•    Presented lectures and panel discussions on breastfeeding, combining motherhood and career interests, adoption, coping with infertility, parenting, editing and publishing for the following kinds of groups: high school students, adoptive parent clubs, women's issues conferences, business women's groups, school age and unwed parents' groups, and writers' clubs.
•    Served as the chief designer and art director for Keeping Abreast Journal and all related publicity and promotional materials and advertisements.
•    Created commercial illustration and fine art under name of J. L. Scholl, specializing in printmaking and drawing.
•    Provided consultation and work on design, illustration, copy writing services for ads, brochures, promotional materials for clients.
•    Photography, freelance as well as for teaching materials, and marketing materials for Lact-Aid International, Inc.
•    Consulting, research & proposal writing for public relations and fund raising.
•    Authored poetry and prose as J. L. Scholl. and Jimmie Lynne Avery

•    Adult Education Association    (AEA)
•    American Business Women's Association    (AWBA)
•    American Medical Writers' Association    (AMWA)
•    American Public Health Association (APHA)
•    American Society for Training and Development    (ASTD)
•    Great Plains Organization for Perinatal Health Care    (GPOPHC)
•    International Childbirth Education Association    (ICEA)
•    International Lactation Consultant Association    (ILCA)
•    International Platform Association    (IPA)
•    La Leche League International    (LLLI)
•    La Leche League Leaders' Alumni Association    (LLLAA)
•    Society for Nutrition Education    (SNE)
•    Society for Research in Child Development    (SRCD)
•    Tennessee Writers' Association    (TWA)
•    National Perinatal Association    (NPA)
•    National Association of Parents and Professionals for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth (NAPSAC)
•    National Association for the Cottage Industry        (NACI)
•    National Association of Women Business Owners    (NAWBO)
•    The Writers' Workshop, Asheville  NC        (TWW)


1967    Scholarship for Academic Achievement in Fine Arts, University of Denver, School of Art
1968    Scholarship for Academic Achievement in Fine Arts, University of Denver, School of Art
1971    Merrit Hutton High School Class of 1961 Reunion, Award for Outstanding Contribution to Humanity, For service to mothers, infants and families through breastfeeding education and advocacy
1974    La Leche League of Colorado, Montana and Wyoming Cash Scholarship to attend the Fifth National La Leche League Convention, Chicago, Illinois
1977    Maharishi Award for Cultural Integrity, Invincibility and World Harmony, presented by The World Government for the Age of Enlightenment, International Meditation Society; in recognition of service to mothers, infants, families and society through     breastfeeding education and support of the family structure
1978    Nominee for First Annual Salute to Women Award, Denver, Colorado
1980    Listed in The World Who's Who of Women, 6th Ed.
1983    Listed in The Directory of Distinguished Americans, Third Edition, 1983 84, for Contributions to maternal and child health.
1986    Cited in 2,000 Notable American Women, First Edition.  American Biographical Institute, in recognition of past achievements & outstanding service to community, state & nation.
1986    Listed in World Who's Who of Women, 9th Edition.
1988    Listed in International Who's Who of Professional Women, First Edition.
1996-1997    Cited in Strathmore's Who's Who, 1996-97 Edition.
1991    Listed in International Who's Who of Professional Women, 2nd Edition.