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What is the Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System?

Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System is a tube feeding system created to aid breastfeeding by supplementing Baby at the breast while nursing. Basically, it consists of a container to hold supplemental liquid. A nursing tube reaches from the container to the nipple of the breast. Baby suckles the breast nipple and tube together.

This accomplishes several tasks:

  • It assures adequate nutrition & helps maintain or re-establish the special bond of breastfeeding!
  • It helps Baby stimulate breasts more effectively…as milk increases, supplement decreases
  • It trains & stimulates baby's nutritive suckling reflexes…for improved coordination & skill.
  • It avoids overtiring Baby & is often prescribed for oral physical therapy!

Ever since Eve, nursing mothers have been worrying about low milk supply. In fact, in 1971, when we launched Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System, over 2 million new mothers a year were starting out breastfeeding. But then, over 70% were weaning untimely! And the number one reason they gave for stopping breastfeeding, when they would rather continue, was worrying about low milk supply!

Today, parents still worry. They have lots of wonderful resources available...good books on breastfeeding, nursing mothers' support groups, and now, lactation consultants. But, even with these resources, the fact remains, there are situations when mother nature needs a little extra help. With early recognition of breastfeeding problems, untimely weaning can be avoided in many cases. And, even if weaning occurs, often, breastfeeding can be resumed, with the kind of help Lact-Aid System provides.

Some facts about supplementing Baby at the breast

It is well known that once bottle supplements begin, the breast receives less stimulation, less milk is produced, and more supplement is needed. It's a terrible cycle that often leads to weaning.
The Lact-Aid NursingTrainer System provides supplemental nutrition while baby is suckling the breast. This avoids the use of bottles and artificial nipples which can nipple confuse Baby and reduce time and quality of breast stimulation. It also avoids using cups, droppers, and syringes with feeding tubes attached, which all can cause aspiration and choking.

  • Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System works safely & effectively…
  • Marketing was preceded by 3 years of careful research & precise biomedical engineering 
  • And proved by over 50 years of satisfied customers.