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Lact-Aid Love Letters...

We would love to hear from you about your experience. Whenever possible, we like to share comments with other parents. Often, when mothers have breastfeeding problems, they feel alone. Mothers tell us it helps to know about others who have had similar experiences. They like knowing what kind of results others have had using Lact-Aid® System.

We have selected some typical comments to share with you. We hope you find the information enjoyable and helpful as you consider how Lact-Aid® system might help you and your baby to overcome a breastfeeding problems or to add nursing as a bonding aspect of adoption. We love to hear from dads, grandparents, and siblings as well as moms!


About confidentiality...

When you send us your comments, we do not use initials, first names, or a nick names,  in the event we decide to add them to our collection for others to see. Comments are organized by subject, for your convenience.


Adoptive Nursing

For the sheer joy of holding my baby close...if not fed BY the breast, at least fed AT the breast.

Adoptive-nursing after a Hysterectomy     

I have never written to a company concerning their product before, but your Lact-Aid System has given me reason. A little background...a few years ago I had a hysterectomy. As a psychological side effect, I sort of lost my identity as a woman. I felt like an it, rather than a male or female. I had been struggling with this identity crisis since the operation. Then we were offered a much wanted baby through a private adoption. Because I had always wanted to nurse my baby, I checked with La Leche League to see what the possibilities were. They were so encouraging and sent the Lact-Aid System literature. I bought one, and we brought (Baby) home at the age of a day and a half.

I have no qualms about using Lact-Aid System. Baby loves nursing at my breast and I have no words to describe what I feel when he is nursing and his velvet skin is next to mine and my arms hold the child I've waited for almost nine years. But just as important as that, is the fact I've regained my identity as a woman through nursing him. I feel like a woman again, very feminine, and my husband loves it. Our relationship was already very good, but now it is so much better.

I can't begin to thank you enough for putting the Lact-Aid System in the hands of people such as me. It seems silly to say a little plastic gadget has changed my life, but it has. It and the baby have done more for me than any psychologist ever could. You can't possibly know what it means to me to know who I am again...My husband and I and Baby are eternally grateful!

Breast Surgery

If it weren't for your wise invention, I would never have been able to enjoy a nursing relationship with my children. At 15 I had a breast reduction Attempts to breastfeed my first child failed. I used Lact-Aid System to supplement our second child, providing her with what breast milk I do produce, but even more importantly, providing each of us a close, loving nursing relationship Now we have been blessed with another daughter and I'm so grateful to be nursing her as well, that I just had to express my feelings to you.

Low Milk Supply - Slow Weight Gain

It really helped to make nursing a lot better. There was no frustration for my baby at all.

I was so happy to be nursing again, I would have used Lact-Aid System forever if need be.

I used it to supplement when I had my periods as my milk supply would drop at that time of the cycle.

It worked so beautifully It enabled me and my son to have a successful nursing experience.

That great little tool was a major contribution to our now successful breastfeeding. I never got another period after the one at 6 weeks, so the Lact-Aid System really did succeed in bringing me into full lactation.

My baby didn't have to have a bottle. It was uplifting for me psychologically.

It permitted my baby to have his hunger satisfied while building my milk supply.

My milk decreased and she wasn't getting enough. She would nurse frantically a few minutes, then cry desperately. After weaning to a bottle, she absolutely refused to nurse until I used Lact-Aid System.

He had refused nursing so long, my milk supply was down. Since using Lact-Aid System, he took right to breastfeeding again.

I made up my mind to try Lact-Aid System. My experience was wonderful. Our child gained weight and ultimately was able to nurse without any more problems at all.

Premature Infant

I have been very pleased with and grateful for Lact-Aid System. Without it, I would not have been able to nurse my son. He had a very weak suckling reflex as a result of his illness and also being premature. His suckling is better now.

Suckling Problems

My son was a poor nurser and was supplemented with bottles. He had severe weight loss, never nursed well, then weaned at 5 weeks. I tried relactating...felt thrilled when I succeeded. I thank Lact-Aid System for that.

A certified lactation consultant (CLC) discovered our baby's ineffective suckling pattern. She gave us the choice of letting it go a few more days or trying the Lact-Aid System. I had already heard of it, and decided it was our only route, as Baby had lost weight and was dehydrated. The first time we used it was right in the medical office, and nursing stopped hurting! I was amazed to say the least. After that day, we had a different baby. She ate and slept like newborns are supposed to and she didn't scream [anymore] and I got to rest too!

Using Lact-Aid System - The Equipment

I think the principle behind Lact-Aid System is the best method because the baby can get satisfaction at the breast...the mother doesn't have to worry about baby going hungry or dehydrating.

The preparation and cleaning of the Lact-Aid System is no more time consuming or difficult than bottles. I was afraid it would make nursing artificial and awkward...not so at all!

We really appreciate how easy Lact-Aid System is to use during the night time feedings.

We attribute his fine health to the fact we were able to breastfeed through the use of Lact-Aid System.

Nothing except Lact-Aid System was helpful. Other methods I tried equaled less suckling, less stimulation, less breast milk.

It eliminated the bottle that was weaning her away from breastfeeding.

I tried Lact-Aid System and couldn't believe how wonderful nursing felt and how contented and happy the baby was.

She was calmer with Lact-Aid System and so was I, since she was satisfied.

Everything's going great. It's so much like nursing that I'm enjoying the closeness.