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When to use the Lact-Aid® System

For many kinds of breastfeeding problems, Lact-Aid® System is just what the doctor ordered. In fact, physicians, nutritionists, oral therapists and lactation consultants have been prescribing and recommending Lact-Aid® to mothers for over 50 years for situations like these . . .

  • Low milk supply: When milk supply isn't quite enough, or full lactation isn't possible.
  • Slow gaining baby: When the doctor prescribes supplement to protect Baby's growth and brain development.
  • Sore nipples: When Mother feels pain and baby doesn't gain due to poor suckling; suckling too hard or gum clenching.
  • Poor suckling: When Baby suckles poorly due to birth drugs, birth complications, nipple shields, supplemental bottles, immature reflexes, illness, injury or birth defects, Down Syndrome
  • Cleft lip/palate: When Baby has a cleft of the lip and/or palate
  • Premature baby: When a preemie tires easily, has a weak or uncoordinated suckle, or doesn't stimulate breasts well.
  • Delayed breastfeeding: Whenever premature birth, C-section, maternal or newborn illness or medications delay opportunity to begin breastfeeding, or if Mother begins to bottle feed but changes her mind, breastfeeding can be started.
  • Working mother: When breast pumping at work doesn't keep your milk supply up, and weekend or evening supplements are needed.
  • Adoption & Surrogacy: When Baby isn't homemade, but Mother would like to experience the special bond of breastfeeding, and provide some of the nutritional benefits of mother's milk to her adopted or surrogate born baby.