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Which LA System should I order? . . .  a Deluxe or a Standard?

 A.    The Deluxe LA System is by far the most popular and the best buy all the way around.  It costs only a little more than the Standard LA.  You get two LA Nursing Trainer Units, instead of just one, so you don’t have to worry about breastfeeding being interrupted if you lose or accidentally break a part of one.  You can continue using your LA while waiting for a replacement part to arrive.  Also, by starting out with a more ample supply of nursing bags (100 bags), you will have plenty of time to order extra bags, and have your order shipped to you at the lowest shipping cost!

The Standard LA System is purchased mainly by Lactation Consultants, other health professionals, hospitals and health agencies such as WIC, who just want to have a basic LA Systems on hand for early intervention.  They can help a mom get started and at the same time, determine whether the LA System will help her breastfeeding situation.  

Many of the moms who do decide to order the Standard LA have a good milk supply, but baby has a latch issue.  So, they may only need to supplement afternoons when milk supply is lower than in mornings. The 50 LA Nursing Bags in the Standard LA will last longer, so she may not need to use rush shipping service to re-order bags, or the suckling issue may resolve soon.  Some moms order it because they are uncertain whether it will be helpful or whether Baby will accept the transition from bottle to breast.


If you want to plan ahead and order a combination of LA items, you can save a lot on shipping and handling costs, since you won’t have to re-order as often.   The UPS Ground shipping is Free if your items total is $150 or more!

We have prepared the chart below that compares our Deluxe and Standard LA Systems.   Take a look and see which LA System would best fit your needs. Remember that when your LA merchandise totals $150 or more, all you have to pay is the Handling Fee.

Questions?  If you have any questions, or need help figuring out what to order, just pick up the phone and call,
                      Toll-Free in the US.  1-866-866-1239  9am to 9pm daily, Eastern US time.

A Comparison of Lact-Aid Deluxe and Standard Systems 

  Deluxe LA #1002 Standard LA #1001
Each System Contains:  2 LA Trainer Units
 2 Rolls (100) Bags
  (2 week supply if using 7 bags/day)
 1 Neck Strap
 1 Bag-Filling Bracket
 1 Funnel
 1 Cleaning Syringe
 1 LA Trainer Units
 1 Roll (50) Bags
  (1 week supply if using 7 bags/day)
 1 Neck Strap
 1 Bag-Filling Bracket
 1 Funnel
 1 Cleaning Syringe
Price: $ 64.95 $ 50.50
Handling Fee: $   5.95 $   5.95
UPS Ground:
$   8.25     to      $12.00  Est.
$   8.25     to      $12.00  Est.
Total Cost: $ 79.15 $ 64.70
Advantages: Deluxe LA #1002 Standard LA #1001

         It’s a bargain!
The extra LA Unit and Roll

of Bags are discounted!

$ 14.45 less than a Deluxe

The Deluxe is a bargain!

If you later ordered the extra supplies in the Deluxe it would cost you
$ 30.50+ $5.95H+ $8.25S
a Total of $44.70+
  A 2-Week supply of bags gives you plenty of time to reorder via UPS Ground shipping.  
  If you lose or break a part, you can continue to breastfeed with LA while waiting for your replaced part to arrive.  
   The Deluxe LA is available direct
to retail customers worldwide.


Disadvantages: Deluxe LA #1002 Standard LA #1001
  A little bit bigger investment
to start out with.
With only 1 week supply of bags, you need to re-order immediately to avoid rush shipping costs.
    With only 1 LA Unit, losing or breaking a part will disrupt supplementing with LA.
    Replacing a lost or broken part may incur rush shipping costs.
    Standard LA is not available directly to retail customers outside the USA. It is only available through LA Suppliers.